How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Can Help with Anxiety

CBT-4Cognitive behavioural therapy is a rather recent form of psychological innovation therapy. What sets it apart is that it differs greatly from other forms of therapy such as psychotherapy.

The biggest difference with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is that it is a proactive therapy that all about helping the patient to solve their problems, rather than trying to find the reasons for them. This is one issue with traditional psychotherapy.

How does cognitive behavioural therapy work?

One philosophy behind’s cognitive behavioural therapy is that all our feelings, thoughts and actions are interconnected and that negative thoughts can trap someone in a vicious cycle. To overcome mental and psychological problems, cognitive behavioural therapy is all about changing the negative thought parents, which are being analysed and broken down into smaller parts. This way, you will be able to think more positive about things which will lead to an improvement in the way how you feel.

When you undergo cognitive behavioural therapy, issues from your past are not seen as that important. Rather, CBT is about current problems and how you can overcome them.

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help you with anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, OCD and similar mental disorders but it can also help with many physical ailments that often have psychological reasons and the root such as irritable bowel syndrome or chronic fatigue syndrome. Many times, the therapy may not be able to cure the physical symptoms but it can help the patient better cope with them.

If you live in the United Kingdom and are looking for an anxiety specialist london, you have quite a lot of options. You could simply go through the yellow pages and find a therapist this way, although this method is not optimal for various reasons. A better way is if you choose a therapist from a dedicated website. Efficacy for example has more than 400 therapists that you can choose from where each of them is accredited with the BABCP, the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.


Tips For Moving House Without Stress

moving worriesSometimes, just the thought about moving is a nightmare. Especially if you need to move with invaluable artwork , designer furniture or expensive equipment such as computers.

With  this type of items, even the smallest damage would be obviously be a catastrophe.

Nothing can be worse for an art lover than a scratch, nick or ding on old paintings or a sculpture, I sure won’t have to tell you that.

Those who are thinking about moving with computer systems, damage there can also be a nightmare especially if we’re talking about business computers with data stored on them.

It just makes sense that if you move and are worried about any such potential problems that you want the most reliable and dependable movers you can find. Obviously you want to get your things from your old place to the new one in one piece. A move shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be a nightmare really.

We had the same worries just this last month where we moved the complete interior of an art gallery here in Bristol to their new fancy location in town. The owner was very worried about  pretty much everything, no surprise if you know that some of the pieces in the gallery are valued a several hundred thousand pounds.

But despite our initial fears and worries, the move went actually very smoothly. The owner  couldn’t have been happier  he told us afterwards .The guys at removals in Bristol really knew their trade, we didn’t have to tell them about the importance of careful handling of everything. In fact, the MoveIt Bristol guys gave us some great advice about packing and moving with minimal risk for damage.

So if you happen to be a business owner in the Bristol area and plan to move any time soon you should check out these guys, I can highly recommend them based on our own experiences.

Yoga and Pilates in East London

Pilates in Hackney

Spring season is just the right time to give you some tips if you want to do something for your fitness in London. It’s not too late if you want to lose the one or the other pound before summer!

From my experience, a lot of folks, especially those who have never gone to a gym are shying away from the idea having to sweat doing some intensive exercises.

The good thing is that you won’t have to all those types of tedious exercises if you want to get in shape. It is actually scientifically proven that low impact exercising such as walking, stretching, yoga or Pilates are equally effective, if not better in the long term!

My tip is that you could look into Pilates or yoga classes here in Hackney. I always enjoy those classes and like them a lot better than simply going to the gym. Pilates classes can also be a lot of fun when you can exercise with like-minded folks. The big advantage here is that you will have a qualified trainer, unlike when you go to a gym where you could be lost not knowing what type of equipment to use and how to use it effectively.

If you ask me, I’d rather spend a couple of bucks more for a class with a good trainer.

If you are looking for Pilates in Hackney, my tip is that you check out any of the smaller, not so known fitness studios first. From my experience, those guys are much more dedicated and also a lot friendlier as compared to any of those large fitness chains in London. Yes, it might be the case that you will have to look a little bit longer to find a good gym in Hackney, but it will ultimately be worth it!

Some Cool Style Tips for Guys


Not all guys know how to dress casually but in style. A lot of us always make the same mistakes when we want to look stylish. On the other hand it can be quite easy to look casual yet stylish when you just know how to do it right.

I found a nice list of 10 casual style tips for guys over at NewVision. The list shows some of the most commonly made style style faux-pas and it gives a number of cool tips how to do it right. It covers everything from the right shirt to wear to your footwear and accessories. So check it out!

Why I Like Bespoke Designer Furniture

reclaimed wood tableIf you know me you might also know that I am always on the lookout for great, unique and innovative design ideas.

Creative ways to decorate a home or extraordinarily designed furniture has always been a passion of mine.

As someone who also owns a restaurant I am also always having an eye on those furniture designs that not only “look nice” but can actually be used by “real” people, so to speak. I am not really big on designs that don’t make much sense outside a museum or art gallery. Furniture must be functional AND look great, it’s as simple as that!

During my quest I didn’t take take too long until I came across the furniture designs by Mac+Wood from London. I guess that almost any owner of a hotel or restaurant who has class and style might have already heard about them.

Mac+Wood’s bespoke dining sets are different because the company uses reclaimed wood in their furniture designs. This type of wood does not only look gorgeous but is also ideal for some rough handling that can happen in bars, restaurants and cafes.

Now, I’ve been told that the furniture maker is expanding their furniture collection beyond their bespoke solid wood dining table and dining benches. They are now also offering custom-made office desks made from reclaimed wood timbers. So if you are looking for a great dining table or dining bench or a fantastic desk for your home office I recommend that you check out their wood furniture!

How To Increase Your Home’s Fire Safety

When people purchase a new home, they may have all sorts of things on their mind. This shouldn’t surprise seeing how a new house will certainly require a lot to think about, from new furniture to the design and layout of individual rooms and much more.

But with all the excitement about a new home, one thing is often entirely overseen and this would be the home’s fire safety.

It is certainly ironic if you consider that most of us would probably be willing to spend a good fortune on things such as a letter living room set, new carpeting, a pool and what not while potentially life-saving devices such as smoke alarms that wouldn’t cost more than £10 could be absent in your otherwise complete new would dream home.

When you buy a new home, but also when you rent it is always a good idea that you look over some of the essentials invoice fire safety. As mentioned above, the first thing you should look at is whether the home or flat has at least two or more smoke detectors installed. A smoke detector should be mandatory in any kitchen since this area in the house naturally has a higher risk for fires to break out. One rule of thumb is that it would be optimal to have  at least one smoke detector on each floor of the house.

Fire extinguishers can also be life-saving. You don’t need a large, bulky one but a medium-sized fire extinguisher that is easily accessible can be all that you need. Fortunately, fire extinguishers are not that expensive any more.

When you purchase smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for your home, know that simply having them is not enough. Smoke detectors need to be tested and maintained in regular intervals. One good habit here would be to change the batteries twice per year, some people take the time change in spring and fall to also replace their smoke detector batteries. In the same way, fire extinguishers won’t last forever. They too need to be tested and maintained and if necessarily replaced. Modern fire extinguishers should have stickers on them with more information about when it’s time to replace them.

The above fire safety tips are brought to you by Argos fire Ltd. the specialist if you need a fire alarm in Exeter. Argos Fire, your one-stop place for a safe and secure home.