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How To Increase Your Home’s Fire Safety

When people purchase a new home, they may have all sorts of things on their mind. This shouldn’t surprise seeing how a new house will certainly require a lot to think about, from new furniture to the design and layout of individual rooms and much more.

But with all the excitement about a new home, one thing is often entirely overseen and this would be the home’s fire safety.

It is certainly ironic if you consider that most of us would probably be willing to spend a good fortune on things such as a letter living room set, new carpeting, a pool and what not while potentially life-saving devices such as smoke alarms that wouldn’t cost more than ¬£10 could be absent in your otherwise complete new would dream home.

When you buy a new home, but also when you rent it is always a good idea that you look over some of the essentials invoice fire safety. As mentioned above, the first thing you should look at is whether the home or flat has at least two or more smoke detectors installed. A smoke detector should be mandatory in any kitchen since this area in the house naturally has a higher risk for fires to break out. One rule of thumb is that it would be optimal to have  at least one smoke detector on each floor of the house.

Fire extinguishers can also be life-saving. You don’t need a large, bulky one but a medium-sized fire extinguisher that is easily accessible can be all that you need. Fortunately, fire extinguishers are not that expensive any more.

When you purchase smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for your home, know that simply having them is not enough. Smoke detectors need to be tested and maintained in regular intervals. One good habit here would be to change the batteries twice per year, some people take the time change in spring and fall to also replace their smoke detector batteries. In the same way, fire extinguishers won’t last forever. They too need to be tested and maintained and if necessarily replaced. Modern fire extinguishers should have stickers on them with more information about when it’s time to replace them.

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