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Why I Like Bespoke Designer Furniture

reclaimed wood tableIf you know me you might also know that I am always on the lookout for great, unique and innovative design ideas.

Creative ways to decorate a home or extraordinarily designed furniture has always been a passion of mine.

As someone who also owns a restaurant I am also always having an eye on those furniture designs that not only “look nice” but can actually be used by “real” people, so to speak. I am not really big on designs that don’t make much sense outside a museum or art gallery. Furniture must be functional AND look great, it’s as simple as that!

During my quest I didn’t take take too long until I came across the furniture designs by Mac+Wood from London. I guess that almost any owner of a hotel or restaurant who has class and style might have already heard about them.

Mac+Wood’s bespoke dining sets are different because the company uses reclaimed wood in their furniture designs. This type of wood does not only look gorgeous but is also ideal for some rough handling that can happen in bars, restaurants and cafes.

Now, I’ve been told that the furniture maker is expanding their furniture collection beyond their bespoke solid wood dining table and dining benches. They are now also offering custom-made office desks made from reclaimed wood timbers. So if you are looking for a great dining table or dining bench or a fantastic desk for your home office I recommend that you check out their wood furniture!