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If You Want Your Children Getting Interested In Arts & Music

arts-in-private-schoolMany familes families (and ours is sure no exception!) may have a keen interest in the arts whether it be design, music or any other of those great past times.

A good number of our own ancestors have actually become musicians, this is a passion that runs in our family for ages. The problem is only that our children can often not satisfy those interests in public schools.

Our public school system here in the UK sure is not exactly known for bringing about a lot of great artists. Most schools don’t even offer classes where the children can learn an instrument and arts in general are seen as “something less important”.

We’ve never been happy with this so we decided early on that our children visit a great private, independent school where their interests in arts and culture are truly supported. We cannot be happier with our choice!

We now see our own children enjoying how to play various instruments (the piano is one of their favorites) and the youngest is just extremely excited by the theatre class he is attending. There’s no day where he won’t tell us about how he wants to become an actor  – he’s already made big plans going to London and New York once he finished school.

I am always recommending that you listen to your children and make it possible they can pursue their dreams! It shouldn’t be the school they’re attending that poses an obstacle there. If you think that a public school cannot offer them what they really want to do with their life you should consider one of the fantastic private schools here in the UK. One of the best prep schools here in Hertfordshire is the Kingshottschool but the UK has many more great private school almost anywhere!